Our kinship care consultants develop a range of practice notes, briefings and other resources to support our members in special guardianship, private fostering and other care plans involving family members and friends. They also support the exchange of ideas and good practice at our special interest groups.


Latest Guidance

Supporting Special Guardians to make Family Arrangements in the Event of a Health Emergency or Accident

This Practice Note looks at the importance of social workers discussing with special guardians possible family arrangements for a special guardian child, were the special guardian to become unable to look after them due to health difficulties.

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Rapid evidence review on Special Guardianship summary report cover

Rapid evidence review on Special Guardianship

New evidence review of special guardianship published 1 August 2019 called for reform of special guardianship to protect and support children and their carers. It was commissioned by the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory in response to the Court of Appeal’s call for authoritative, evidence-based guidance for the use of SGOs.

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