The idea of a Blueprint for Adoption Support Services came out of The Modernising Permanence Programme (MPP), commissioned by the Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board (ASGLB).

Its aim has been to capture the key elements of some of the most developed adoption support services currently available and provide a benchmark against which they can review and adjust resources and systems to make service improvements and achieve whole system change.

Adoption Support Service Exemplar inforgraphic

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Key elements of an adoption support service

17 key elements have been identified for service providers to benchmark their existing services against using the audit tool provided.

The following links give more detail on each element such as government and adopter perspectives examples of best practice at work: 

  1. An outcomes-based vision for adoption support services with measurable aims/goals
  2. A methodology for quantifying the potential need for adoption support services
  3. A governing body for adoption support services
  4. A multi-agency, multi-professional delivery model
  5. Provision of information about services
  6. Adopter Engagement
  7. Communication with children and young people
  8. One initial referral and assessment process provides access to a range of services within an identified timescale
  9. Adoption Support Services are structured and co-ordinated to meet different levels of need
  10. Appropriate response to situations of possible risk
  11. Commissioning and procurement activity
  12. Birth Family Relationships are promoted
  13. Support to Birth Parents
  14. Support to Adopted Adults
  15. A Workforce Development Plan
  16. Monitoring and Evaluation
  17. Promotion of improvements to the wider looked after and adoption system based on learning generated by adoption support work

A note on resourcing