The Special Guardianship Regulations 2005 sets out the duties and responsibilities of local authorities in the provision of Special Guardianship Support Services.

CoramBAAF have produced a series of slides summarising these regulations.

The Adoption Support Fund

Since 2016 special guardians have been eligible to apply to the Adoption Support Fund through the local authority responsible for providing support services.  The film highlights that it is a priority of the ASGLB to increase access and uptake of the Fund by special guardians.

Figures for the year ending December 2019 show that 9.4% of all approved applications to the ASF are awarded to children on special guardianship orders who were previously looked after. The number of approved applications was 3,619 with an average funding of £3033.

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Relevant reports

Grandparents Plus have published an economic case for the support of kinship care. They have also published an evaluation of kinship care.

Fostering in England, the review of the foster care system including its costs commissioned by the Department of Education and led by M. Narey and M. Owers (2018).

Average costs of foster care

Average cost for a child in local authority foster care £533 per week or £27,716 per annum, based on Department for Education national data. See also:

Curtis, Lesley A. and Burns, Amanda (2017) Unit Costs of Health and Social Care 2017, Section 6.4 Foster care for children, Personal Social Services Research Unit, University of Kent.