CoramBAAF's Practice Notes are a series of occasional notes that provide guidance on specific topics. Many of these are available to CoramBAAF members free of charge in the Members' area

PN 75 ‘Black Lives Matter’: Implications for the family placement sector

PN 74 Supporting Special Guardians to make Family Arrangements in the Event of a Health Emergency or Accident: Information for social workers

PN 73 Disabled Foster Carers

PN 72 Planning the Assessment of a Foster Carer’s New Partner

PN 71 Writing a fostering panel annual report

PN 70 The Fostering Decision-Maker (England)

PN 69 Assessing and supporting transgender foster carers and adopters

PN 68 Reducing the risks of environmental tobacco smoke for looked after children and their carers

PN 67 Local authorities’ duty of fairness towards a parent seeking to revoke a placement order

PN 66 The health of unaccompanied asylum-seeking and other separated children

PN 65 Decisions about the assessment of couples and other partnerships in foster care

PN 64 Best practice in meetings between prospective adopters and children prior to matching

PN 63 Restraint and physical intervention in foster care

PN 62 The impact of the decision in the UK Referendum

PN 59 The provision of information to Fostering for Adoption carers

PN 58 Adoption leave and pay: new arrangements

PN 57 Evaluation of permanence options for a child in care proceedings in England

PN56 Paperless fostering and adoption panels

PN 54 Assessing second-time adopters

PN 53 Guidelines for the testing of looked after children who are at risk of a blood-borne infection

PN 52 Adoption from abroad of a relative child

PN 50 Genetic testing and adoption

PN 49 The role of male carers in adoption and fostering

PN 48 Featuring children in mainstream media

PN 46 Health screening of children adopted from abroad

PN 43 Checking applicants for foster and adopt in Scotland

PN 40 Undertaking competence assessments

PN 35 Working with the media